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Teaching Kids Programming using Web Browsers and Real Robots

Tim Caswell at dotJS 2015

Watch Tim's son livecode real hardware robots over wifi using JavaScript compilers in the browser, C VMs on micontrollers, and a Lua server as relay system. Then dive into the tech.


To see the slides, you can click here

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Tim explains:

There are not enough good programmers in the world so I had the idea to help by instilling a love for programming in kids via simple hardware kits and a webpage.

To demonstrate this technology, you will see my son live-code a small program and send it to a robot on stage.

This is a multi-year hobby project, but this particular demo involves the following parts:

  • Bytecode Interpreter written in C running on the microcontroller inside the robot.
  • Compiler written in JavaScript running in the webpage
  • Bridge written in luvit that serves the webpage and sends programs to the robot. (http + websockets + tcp)

Partially implemented components not in the demo include:

  • Git implementation written in JavaScript that runs in the browser and acts as client to global code repository.
  • High Level language that kids write that's compiled by JS and pulls in dependencies via websockets and git implementation in JS.

I plan on writing a blog post on luvit.io soon and/or porting the server to a packaged app to run offline on chromebooks (which kids often have access to in school).