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Hacking HTML Emails with CSS

Kevin Mandeville at dotCSS 2016

Kevin breaks down the most innovative techniques used in HTML email today that make emails stand out in the inbox and bring email development from 1999 to 2016.


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"Code like it's 1999."

I hear this far too often from web designers and developers about HTML email. And it's just not true.

HTML email is perceived as a dark art in the web design and development world. My presentation will dispel the myths of email development and uncover what's actually possible now - incredible experiences like:

  • Responsive layouts without media queries
  • Dynamic content (live twitter feeds, tracking counters, etc.)
  • Fully interactive experiences (shopping carts, product tours, etc.)
  • ...all using only HTML + CSS!

Email design and development is currently undergoing a tremendous evolution with its unique approaches to CSS for HTML email. I'll break down the techniques the best email developers in the world use to make emails stand out in the inbox.