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Webpack+WebAssembly: Under the hood

Sean Larkin at dotJS 2017

Every day, we get 1 day closer to integrating WebAssembly into webpack as a first class citizen. But what does this mean and why should you care? Sean reveals how webpack works under the hood.

Learn about its limitations and constraints, and how they are unlocking those constraints to make WebAssembly a pure and enjoyable experience.

Learn also how you can apply these concepts to your every day programming and walk away feeling excited about the future of webpack and WebAssembly.


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  • webpack, how it works under the hood
  • Tapable? What is it?
  • What is a Tapable Instance
  • How plugins make up all of webpack
  • 7 Tapable Instances
    • Compiler
    • Compilation
    • Resolver
    • Module Factory
    • Parser
    • Template
  • You just learned webpack under the hood
  • What does mean for webpack 4.
  • Tapable API Changing Completely
  • Features you can look forward to!!