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Among them: LVMH, Algolia, Twilio, Aircall, Zalando, Microsoft Edge, Datadog, MongoDB

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Becoming carbon neutral

At dotJS, we announced that from now on all our events will be carbon neutral!

It means that we will do everything we can to lower our footprint on the environment and we'll buy carbon offsets to compensate what's left (mostly attendee travel).

We want to make everyone feel great about coming to dotConferences, and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

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Best reviewed talks

Read color hex codes

David DeSandro
How does a colorblind designer work with color? Not with his eyes! Instead David relies on reading color hex codes. He shares his process into understanding those six-digit codes and related insights into human vision, computer history, and digital color.

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Extending the Standard Library

Ben Cohen
You can play a part in making Swift a more expressive language! Ben talks about enhancing the Swift standard library, which is the basic vocabulary for writing programs in Swift.

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TypeScript: Static types for JavaScript

Anders Hejlsberg
How do you define and implement a static type system for a dynamic language like JavaScript, and why would you even care to? Anders explores how TypeScript came to be, how it differs from classic type systems, and how it can be beneficial even if you don't like types.

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SVG Filters: A Mini Crash Course

Sara Soueidan
Sara gives you a crash course on SVG filters — why they are awesome, how they work, and examples of powerful effects you can create with them, in a friendly, easy-to-follow approach. Brace yourself, and get ready to set your imagination free and expand your creativity for what's possible on the Web today.

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Runner ups

Asynchronous hamburgers

Joost Lubach at dotJS 2018

Variable Fonts and the Future of Web Design

Mandy Michael at dotCSS 2018

Breaking the norm with creative CSS

Aga Naplocha at dotCSS 2018

Using structure to select features in high dimension

Chloé-Agathe Azencott at dotAI 2018

Knowledge Graphs & Deep Learning at YouTube

Aurelien Geron at dotAI 2018

Building Trust through Explainable AI

Peet Denny at dotAI 2018

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