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On the origin of cascades

Hidde de Vries at dotCSS 2019

It's been 25 years since the first people proposed a language to style the web. Since the late nineties, CSS lived through years of platform evolution. The cascade, specificity and the enormous choice in values and units set the language up for success. But not everyone liked to use these features everywhere. Some began to adapt the language to meet their needs.

In this Darwin-themed talk, you'll learn how CSS came to be, and how the language's simplicity and flexibility still make it stand out today.


To see the slides, you can click here

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Full transcript: https://talks.hiddedevries.nl/ai4MEp/slides

Sources/links: https://talks.hiddedevries.nl/ai4MEp/on-the-origin-of-cascades

If anyone wants to dive into Darwin's theory or life more, the University of Stanford has released their series Darwin's Legacy on YouTube (also available on iTunes U).

Word of warning: some of the slides do include Comic Sans.