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Using CSS with SVG is a great adventure full of magic, friendship and sometimes… creepy villains! Jump in and discover why you should tell the world that CSS and SVG are forever best friends.


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Full transcript:

  • Let me tell you a story.
  • So… Once upon a time
  • There was a tiny, lonely, gloomy SVG square.
  • Nobody really liked it. It felt quite miserable.
  • Fortunately, it had a good friend called CSS to cheer it up!
  • And along the years SVG taught many tricks to CSS.
  • They can do really crazy stuff and that whole friendship they have it was really awesome. They really liked each other.
  • So… Okay, I have a good idea what you gonna say:
  • This is not one square, there is something else. This is not possible with one square.
  • Well... Actually there is one square.
  • It's just that SVG has powers of its own and among them… I can reuse my square quite extensively!
  • But CSS is not fooled by that, not at all. It has its own powers to punch through that mist.
  • And… It's even better when they decide to actually use and combine their powers.
  • What if our single Rect were wearing a mask of itself?
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, here's our hero.
  • At that point, we can go crazy and turn our square into whatever we want!
  • Like… flowers for example!
  • Or… Mmh… A teapot!
  • Because why not?
  • Well, at that point we are venturing a bright world of awesomeness and…
  • Let me tell you one thing.
  • What story would it be without a good villain?
  • I mean… Yeah! That one.
  • It doesn't really like SVG let's face it.
  • It really wants CSS to get stuck with HTML, you know.
  • So it sends us one of its minions.
  • A nasty bug! Yeah!
  • Oh, it looks ugly but let me show you the true face of evil!
  • So… Oh! By the way. Hi Rect! There it is!
  • Okay, cool, that not the problem.
  • The problem is in here. Let me zoom in a bit so you'll see what we are talking about.
  • Here's my Rect! Okay great. Bunch of stuff, all of this working perfectly fine.
  • No, no, no, no… Here's the line. Look at this!
  • It looks so nice, so gentle, so innocent… Ah!
  • Don't be fooled! This not just lies about transitions.
  • No, no, no, no… It completely wiped out the rendering of all my use elements.
  • Dismissed plain and simple… in a blink of a transition
  • Ah, that bug!
  • That bug my friends, it really broke my heart.
  • And… I have to tell you something.
  • What story would it be without… a good cliffhanger!
  • Will the bug be fixed?
  • Will the friendship between CSS and SVG be torn apart?
  • Will my heart be healed?
  • I don't know!
  • I know one thing!
  • It's that you can stand up and you can use CSS with SVG to make awesomeness rise again.
  • And you will be the messenger to tell the world that CSS and SVG will remain forever best friends!
  • Thank you very much.