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Why you should attend

Genius hackers on stage

Our mission is to bring the best hackers in the world in Paris to let them share their unique insights with you all.

Creators of the most popular open source libraries, JS experts, TC39 members: you can trust us to invite the best of them.

Made by developers, for developers

There will be no marketing speeches, no buzzword cover-ups. Speaking slots are not for sale.

Instead, you can expect deeply technical talks and surprising new ideas!

Just between us

We do record every talk with a 6-camera crew and publish the videos for free on The dot Post.

That said, the off-camera Q&A session after each talk might also surprise you...

Learn something new

Leave your laptop at home, open your ears and enjoy our dense 20-minutes technical talks!

Short talks are the best way to stay focused during both deep technical dives and general introductions to new exciting projects.

A day at the theater

Even if you won't see a play, you'll enjoy the fabulous settings of a theater. Seat in the stalls and watch the curtain being raised.

You'll taste French food and will meet our partners during the breaks. Don't come back home without a few goodies!

Conference video recap

We shot this video at dotJS 2015 to give you an idea of the atmosphere of our conferences!