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A new unique Gopher design at dotGo 2017!

Sept. 27, 2017

A few weeks ago, we decided to design a French Gopher. Here it is!

Each year we are trying to improve the stage design thanks to Éliane ZimmerIf you were at dotGo 2016 you may have seen the giant Gopher she made on stage.

A few of you asked:

"Can I take it home? Please!!!!!!".

Well, unfortunately that was not possible... mostly because he's 2 meters high!

This summer we decided to design something that you can take home or wherever you want! We asked our close friend Margaux Etienne to design what we can now call: The French Gopher (based on artwork by Ashley McNamara and inspired by Renee French)

Be at dotGo 2017 on November 6 (we still have tickets left), if you want to get this free swag!



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