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dotGo 2016 live sketching

Oct. 13, 2016

We’ve asked Florine Pigny to live sketch dotGo 2016. You can now relive dotGo 2016 with her wonderful 29 drawings. Everything is covered: speakers, partners, venue, insights, attendees and the dotConferences team!

Click the drawing to view it full screen

Théâtre de Paris sketch

Stage preparation sketch

Partners booths sketch

Control room sketch

Public sketch

Theater sketch

Attendees sketch

Emcee sketch

Dave Cheney sketch

Damian Gryski

Dmitri Shuralyov

Peter Szilagyi sketch

Le Gopher sketch

Partners sketch

Food sketch

Lightning Talks sketch

Elias Naur sketch

Kelsey Hightower sketch

Theater sketch

Lightning Talks sketch

Rhys Hiltner sketch

Katrina Owen sketch

Backstage sketch

Brad Rydzewski sketch


Backstage sketch

Matthew Hold sketch

Robert Griesemer sketch

Staff sketch