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New Call For Papers for all our conferences

Feb. 2, 2017

UPDATE (March 29th): The CFP has proved highly successful but we are unable to keep the 2-weeks SLA at the moment. We are humbled by all the great submissions and will do our best to process them fast. Thanks!

Since our first event in 2012, we have received hundreds of talk proposals by email, despite publicly explaining that we used an invite-only process. As a result, we have been able to accept less than 2% of those proposals, most of them from speakers that were already on our radar. For the rest, we rarely found time to answer at all.

Starting today, we would like to clarify everyone's expectations by opening a parallel CFP process for all our conferences, with well-defined guidelines for submissions and a maximum delay of 2 weeks for an answer from our team.

Apply now!

We think this will save time for everyone by avoiding irrelevant submissions, and of course we hope to receive great proposals! We still expect that the majority of the speakers at dotConferences will continue to be invited, but it's up to you all to surprise us ;-)

This new CFP will be valid for both our regular slots of 18 minutes, and for our 4-minutes lightning talks. The last submissions can be sent 6 weeks before the event for regular slots, and 2 weeks before for lightning talks. However you should submit as soon as possible because slots may run out at any time!

Just like the speakers we invite, we may be able to cover the travel & hotel for the submissions we accept as regular slots. Selected lightning talk speakers will get a free ticket to the conference.

With that in mind, here is what we usually look for:

  • Talks relevant to the conference topic and its attendees.
  • Talks for which a HD video is not already available online
  • Talks that are not direct or indirect product pitches, including open source projects. Our criteria is: will someone that won't ever use the specific thing I'm talking about still find value in this talk?
  • Talks by speakers who have a long experience in the field and/or a strong standing in the open source community

These are not strict rules and we will still consider rare exceptions to them, but you should set your expectations accordingly.

Once you submit your proposal in the form, we will get back to you in less than 2 weeks with one of the following answers:

  • Your proposal was accepted, let's schedule a call to discuss it further.
  • Your proposal won't be accepted this time. Depending on the number of submissions we get, we will try to explain why briefly.
  • Your proposal looks interesting and we added you to a waiting list. We might need more time to chat with other speakers before getting back to you.

This process is new for us and still experimental, so we welcome your feedback and we hope to continue making dotConferences even better, together!

The CFP is now open for all our conferences (including dotSecurity, dotScale & dotAI, until mid-February) so don't wait before submitting your proposal!

Apply now!