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Adam Detrick

Web Engineer & Design Systems Lead at Meetup

Addy Osmani

Creator of TodoMVC, Yeoman, Web Starter Kit & others

Adrian Holovaty

Co-creator of Django
Developer of Soundslice

Aish Raj Dahal

Software Engineer at PagerDuty

Alan Shreve

Creator of ngrok

Alan Stearns

Co-chairman of the CSS Working Group
CSS Panjandrum at Adobe

Alessandro Ludovici

Software Developer at the Guardian

Alex Sexton

Creator of yepnope.js
jQuery Board of Advisors

Alison Gianotto

Security and Privacy Advocate

Andre Medeiros

RxJS core contributor
Creator of Cycle.js

Andrew Gerrand

Member of the Go team

Andrew Shafer

The little devop that could

Angus Croll

Creator of Flight, author

Anne Canteaut

Researcher at Inria & Scientific leader of the team SECRET

Anthony Starks

Creator of SVGo

Arnaud Bergeron

Software engineer at MILA
Core contributor of Theano

Arnaud Porterie

Senor Engineering Manager at Docker

Ash Furrow

Author, iOS developer at Artsy

Aurelien Geron

Best-selling ML book author
Former Youtube video classification lead

Ayaka Nonaka

iOS lead at Venmo & Author of Learn Swift ↯

Ben Briggs

Web Developer

Ben Cohen

Member of the Swift Core Team at Apple

Ben Firshman

​​Co-founder of Orchard, Product Manager at Docker

Benjamin De Cock

UI designer and frontend engineer at Stripe

Benjamin Fernandes

Software Engineer at Datadog

Ben Scheirman

Screencaster at NSScreencast

Bert Bos

W3C Staff contact of the CSS WG

Bertrand Chevrier

Lead JavaScript developer at TAO Testing

Blake Mizerany

Creator of Sinatra, co-creator of Doozer

Brad Fitzpatrick

Creator of memcached, OpenID & LiveJournal

Brandon Kase

Cryptocurrency hacker at O(1) Labs
Obsessed with functional programming

Brendan Eich

Inventor of JavaScript

Brian LeRoux

PhoneGap lead, XUI & Lawnchair creator

Bridget Kromhout

Principal Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Co-host of the Arrested DevOps podcast & devopsdays organization leader

Bruno Muniz

iOS developer at Supercharge

Charles Ollion

Head of Research at Heuritech

Charlie Robbins

CEO & Co-founder of nodejitsu, Curator of EmpireJS & EmpireNode

Chloé-Agathe Azencott

Researcher at the Centre for Computational Biology (CBIO) of Mines ParisTech, Institut Curie and INSERM

Chris Eidhof

Creator of Deckset & Scenery, Co-author of Advanced Swift

Chris Eppstein

Co-creator of Sass
Creator of Compass and Eyeglass

Chris Lilley

Father of SVG, co-creator of PNG, WOFF, Web Fonts, W3C Technical Director

Chris Sinjakli

Engineer at GoCardless

Christophe Porteneuve

JavaScript trainer & author

Clay Smith

Technologist at New Relic

Corinne Krych

iOS tech lead for Red Hat

Dan Brown

Engineer at Basho

Daniel Eden

Creator of animate.css,
Design engineer at Dropbox

Daniel Haight

Project Juggler at Manythings
Former mobile lead at giffgaff

Daniel Maher

Developer relations at Datadog

Daniel Martí

Senior Go developer

Dave Cheney

Blogger & open source author, Contributor to the Go project

David Crawshaw

Creator of gomobile, Member of the Google Go team

David Gageot

Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform

David Iglesias

Web Development Engineer at Amazon

David Mazières

Professor of Computer Science at Stanford Chief Scientist at Stellar

Diana Ortega

Software developer

Dimitri Dupuis-Latour

Former Xcode Engineer at Apple

Diogo Mónica

Security Lead at Docker

Dmitri Shuralyov

Contributor to GopherJS

Domenic Denicola

Maintainer of jsdom
Editor for ES6 promises

Eleanor McHugh

Proprietor of Games With Brains

Elena Vilchik

Language Team Developer

Elias Naur

Contributor to Gomobile

Eliot Andres

Machine Learning & Deep Learning Freelance

Eliot Horowitz

CTO & co-founder of MongoDB

Ellen Shapiro

Native mobile developer

Enrico Signoretti

Head of Product at OpenIO

Estelle Weyl

Creator of the Clown Car technique

Evan You

Creator of Vue.js

Fabien Potencier

Founder of Blackfire.io, Co-founder SensioLabs
Creator of Symfony


Co-author of Twitter Bootstrap, Ender & Hogan.js

Fatih Arslan

Creator of Vim-go
Co-author of Kite

Fedor Indutny

Core contributor to Node.js

Forbes Lindesay

Maintainer of Jade & Contributor to Promises

Francesc Campoy Flores

Member of the Google Go team

Francescu Santoni

Swift Paris meetup

Franz Eichhorn

Software Engineer at Lovoo

Gleb Budman

Co-founder and CEO of Backblaze

Gonçalo Morais

Frontend dev at BridgeU

Graham Lee

Software architect at Wealth Wizards

Grégoire Lhotellier

iOS @ ClassHeroes

Gregor Adams

Frontend developer/architect

Guillermo Rauch

Creator of socket.io & Mongoose

Guy Daher

iOS engineer at Algolia

Hagay Lupesko

Deep Learning Engineering Leader at AWS
Contributor to ONNX

Hugo Giraudel

Maintainer of SassDoc
Sass Writing Machine

Ingrid Epure

Product Engineer at Intercom

Isabel Schwende

Computer Vision Engineer at Mobius Labs

Jaana B. Dogan

Software Engineer at Google

Jackie Balzer

Head of Front-end Development at Behance, Adobe

Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Co-creator of Django, Security Lead at 18F
Former Director of Security at Heroku

James Cammarata

Lead Maintainer of Ansible

James Halliday

Open Source librarian

Jason Hickey

Software Engineer at Google

Javier Provecho Fernández

DevOps Engineer at bq

Jean-Baptiste Aviat

Co-founder & CTO of SqreenIO

Jeremy Ashkenas

Creator of Backbone.js, Underscore.js & CoffeeScript

Jeremy Edberg

Former Reddit Chief Architect & first SRE at Netflix
Founder of MinOps

Jim Dowling

CEO of Logical Clocks AB
Associate Professor at KTH & Lead architect of Hops Hadoop

Jim Manico

Founder of Manicode Security
Former board member of OWASP

Johannes Fiala

FWD GmbH / Application developer

John Cinnamond


John-David Dalton

Creator of Lo-Dash, co-maintainer of jsPerf , Chakra Performance Program Manager

John K. Paul

Organizer of nychtml5

John Wilkes

Principal Software Engineer at Google

Joseph Bonneau

Security researcher & teacher
Technology Fellow at the EFF

JP Simard

Creator of jazzy
iOS developer at Realm

Juan Benet

Creator of IPFS

Julio Faerman

Software engineer and educator at AWS

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent

Author and Front-end Developer at FT Labs

Károly Lőrentey

Independent Swift developer, creator of BTree and GlueKit

Keith Rarick

Creator of godep, Beanstalkd and Doozer

Kevin Mandeville

Email designer & developer at Litmus

Kyle Fuller

Swift Developer at Apiary
Rubyist at CocoaPods

Laurent Lévêque

R&D Engineer

Laurent Smadja

Perception Team Research Advisor at Navya

Lian Li

Software developer

Liz Rice

Technology Evangelist at Aqua Security

Logan Wright

Co-founder of Vapor

Louis Hoebregts

Front-end developer

Lucas Clemente

Software Engineer at Google

Marcel van Lohuizen

Member of the Go team

Marco Slot

Principal Software Engineer at Citus Data

Marc Shapiro

Inventor of the proxy and co-inventor of CRDTs

Marcy Sutton

Award-winning senior front-end developer and accessibility advocate

Marin Todorov

Book author, product engineer at Realm

Mario Loriedo

Project Manager at Zenika

Marius Rackwitz

Core Team Member of CocoaPods

Martin Gontovnikas

Developer Advocate at Auth0

Marty Schoch

Creator of Bleve

Massimiliano Pippi

Software engineer at Datadog

Mathias Buus

Member of the dat project & NPM module author

Mathias Ortner

Image processing & analysis expert at Airbus Defence and Space

Matt Aimonetti

Co-founder and CTO of Splice

Matt Bostock

Web Operations Engineer at GOV.UK

Matthias Beitl

Web developer & technical consultant

Matthias Dugué

Tech Evangelist at alwaysdata

Matthieu Nantern

Engineer at Xebia

Matt Horsnell

Principal Research Engineer, ARM

Matt Westcott

Demoscener and ZX Spectrum obsessive

Maxime Thirouin

Frontend software engineer

Maxim Zaks

Software developer with a passion for Games, Testing and Agile.

Michael May

Mobile Developer at Songkick

Michele Titolo

Lead Software Engineer at Capital One

Mickaël Rémond

Founder & CEO of ProcessOne, Lead Developer of ejabberd

Mike Freedman

Co-founder/CTO of TimescaleDB

Mike West

Member of Chrome's security team
Spec editor at W3C WebAppSec WG

Mikko Hypponen

Chief Research Officer at F-Secure

Mims Wright

Freelance / Senior Developer

Neha Narkhede

Co-creator of Apache Kafka
Co-founder and CTO of Confluent

Neha Narula

PhD student at PDOS, ex-Googler

Nick Sullivan

Head of Cryptography at Cloudflare

Nicolas Grenié

Hacker in Residence at 3scale.net

Nolan Lawson

Maintainer of PouchDB
Web Platform PM for Microsoft Edge

Omar Qunsul

Developer at Freeletics

Pascal Costanza

Senior researcher

Paul Ardeleanu

Software engineer

Paul Dix

Creator of InfluxDB

Paul Mockapetris

Inventor of the DNS

Paul O’Shannessy

Maintainer of React

Peet Denny

CTO of Wealth Wizards
Organizer of Birmingham AI meetup

Peter Bourgon

Creator of Gokit
Distributed systems engineer at Weaveworks

Péter Szilágyi

Core Developer at Ethereum

Philipp Jovanovic

Security researcher at EPFL

Pierre Gutierrez

Lead Data Scientist at Dataiku Labs

Preeti Vaidya

Data Scientist/Engineer at Viacom's Data Strategy HQ

Rachel Andrew

Co-founder of Perch CMS

Rafael Silva

Full stack engineer at Fooji Inc.

Rebecca Murphey

Creator of js-assessment
Senior staff software engineer at Bazaarvoice

Rhys Hiltner

Software Engineer at Twitch

Robert Griesemer

Co-creator of Go

Robert Kennedy

Former SRE for Healthcare.gov

Rob Napier

Co-author of iOS Programming Pushing the Limits

Rob Pike

Co-creator of Go

Rolf Erik Lekang

Software engineer and consultant at Itera

Romain Huet

Swift Expert at Twitter
Member of the Fabric team

Ron Evans

Open source software developer

Roy Marmelstein

Creator of PhoneNumberKit and Format

Ryan Tsao

Author of Styletron and engineer at Uber

Sally Shepard

iOS developer and Accessibility Evangelist

Sam Bessalah

Software Engineer

sam boyer

Package management maven
Maintainer of dep

Sameer Ajmani

Manager of the Go team

Samuel Saccone

TodoMVC core member & Creator of Drool
Software engineer at Google

Sam Wray & Tim Pietrusky

Digital Artists at LiveJS

Saul Mora

Senior iOS Enginer

Sean Goresht

Web developer

Sean Larkin

Webpack core team
Technical Program Manager for Microsoft’s Web Platform Team

Sean Owen

Director of Data Science at Cloudera & Apache Spark committer

Sébastien Binet

Research engineer at CNRS

Sharada Mohanty

Co-founder of crowdAI
Doctoral Researcher at EPFL

Simone Carletti

Make things happen at dnsimple

Simon Riggs

Major Contributor to PostgreSQL,
Founder of 2ndQuadrant

Soledad Penadés

Senior engineer at Mozilla

Solomon Hykes

Creator of Docker

Stas Vilchik

Developer at SonarSource

Steffen Reichelt

Digital Experience Designer

Suby Raman

Software Engineer at Duo Security

Suz Hinton

Open source JavaScript hardware developer
and accessibility advocate

Tanja Lange

Cryptology Professor at TU/e

Ted Dunning

Committer on Apache Mahout, Drill & Zookeeper
Chief Application Architect at MapR

Theo de Raadt

Founder of OpenBSD and OpenSSH

Thomas Belin

Front End Developer at doyoubuzz

Thomas Visser

Creator of BrightFutures & iOS lead at Highstreet

Thomas Watson

Node.js developer at Elastic
Open source hacker

Tim Carry

Developer Advocate at Algolia

Tim Caswell

Creator of Luvit, JS-Git and NVM

TJ Usiyan

Creator of Chordal Text

Tomás Senart

Creator of Vegeta

Tom Dale

Software Engineer at LinkedIn
Co-creator of Ember.js

Trent Willis

QUnit Project Lead
Senior UI Engineer at Netflix

Ulf Adams

Lead of Bazel (Google’s Build System)

Una Kravets

Front-end developer & Designer at IBM Bluemix

Vadim Markovtsev

Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning & Lead Machine Learning Engineer at source{d}

Varya Stepanova

Developer enthusiast for modular web and pattern libraries

Victor Wang

iOS developer

Vincent Voyer

Software Engineer at Algolia

Virginie Mathivet

Author of 3 books on AI
R&D Officer at TeamWork

Vladimir de Turckheim

Software engineer at Sqreen

Wes Bos

Author of web development online courses
Co-host of Syntax.fm

William Kennedy

Managing partner at Ardan Labs
Go Trainer

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Senior Data Engineer at Activision on Call of Duty games

Yufeng Guo

Developer Advocate for Machine Learning at Google Cloud Platform

Zane Lackey

Co-founder & CSO at Signal Sciences

Zeke Sikelianos

Electron enthusiast at GitHub