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Head office: 39 rue Beauregard, 75002 PARIS, FRANCE
Société à Responsabilité Limitée with a capital of 1 000 €
Contact: contact@dotconferences.com
TVA intracommunautaire: FR19 797 577 038
SIRET: 79757703800020
RCS Paris: 797 577 038


Mr BOAS Ferdinand, Manager


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San Francisco, CA 94103
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General Terms and Conditions


  • Code of Conduct: a clear set of standards to help guide the behavior of a Participant in the Conference
  • Combo Ticket: Ticket which grants access to several Conferences selected at the time of purchase
  • Conference: a day-long event, including several Talks and breaks to which any individual holding a Ticket may gain entry
  • dotConferences: dotConferences SARL, the company that organizes the Conferences
  • Eventbrite: online ticketing platform delivering Tickets to the following Conferences: dotGo 2017, dotCSS 2017, dotJS 2017
  • Force Majeure Event: an extraordinary event caused by particularly serious circumstances that are unforeseeable, insurmountable and outside the control of the organizer (actual or imminent rioting, fire, natural phenomena, explosions, strike action on a scale which does not allow any replacement solution to be found, insurrection, terrorism, etc.)
  • Newsletter: informational document emailed periodically to a distribution list
  • Offline Payment: payment via bank transfer made upon receipt of the invoice and Ticket for a Conference
  • Organizer: see dotConferences
  • Participant: natural person in possession of a by-name Ticket for a Conference
  • Speaker: natural person selected by the dotConferences organizers to present content on stage at a Conference
  • Talk: on-stage presentation made by a Speaker
  • Ticket: by-name document sent by email to the purchaser after registering for a Conference. This gives the participant whose name appears on the document the right to gain entry to the Conference
  • Us/We/Our: see dotConferences
  • You: user of the dotconferences.com website

Personal Data

The personal data sent when buying a Ticket or registering for the Newsletter is retained for Our own, exclusive use. This data will never under any circumstances be sold or transferred to third parties.

In accordance with Article 34 of France’s Data Protection Act, You have a permanent right to access, modify, amend, and delete your data. In order to exercise this right, please contact the Organizer at contact@dotconferences.com.

Possible Changes

Conference schedules and Speakers are subject to change; however, no such change will have any impact whatsoever on the topics or quality of the Conference.

If the Organizer cancels a Conference, Participants will receive a full refund (including taxes) of their Ticket.
Eventbrite handling fees will not be refunded.

No refunds will be made if a date is changed as a result of a Force Majeure Event.
Tickets will remain valid for the replacement date.

Ticket Transfers

You may transfer your Ticket to another Participant. Before doing so, please contact Us at tickets@dotconferences.com.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

All Tickets grant access to the Conferences and the networking and food areas. Combo Tickets grant access to all the Conferences selected when the Combo Ticket is purchased.

Tickets will only be refunded if the organizer cancels a Conference (read below).
Therefore, under no circumstances does cancellation of a Speaker does not constitute grounds for a refund.

Tickets may be paid online via bank payment (2 working days delay) or by Offline Payment (15 days delay). The Participant will then receive his Ticket immediately.
For Offline Payments, the Ticket purchaser agrees to pay the full amount due within 15 days after purchasing the Ticket and before the Conference. If the payment is not made within 15 days after purchasing the Ticket and before the Conference, the Participant Ticket will be cancelled and a new Ticket will have to be purchased to access the Conference.


Ticket prices are listed excluding taxes on Eventbrite. French VAT of 20% is added at the time of purchase, along with the Eventbrite handling fees.

According to French law, we have to charge VAT to everyone (even if you're in the EU, or book you r ticket as a company). See http://bofip.impots.gouv.fr/bofip/1490-PGP.html for more details. You can refer to your local tax authorities to request a VAT refund.

General Terms and Conditions of Participation

dotConferences reserves the right to exclude any individual, with no refund, who behaves in a manner deemed inappropriate.
In particular, Participants must comply with the Conferences Code of Conduct.

Image Rights

When taking part in a Conference, it is possible that you could appear in photos or videos featured in the various marketing materials used by dotConferences.
French law authorizes the use of crowd images without obtaining individual authorizations from the individuals shown. Therefore, you may not claim any image rights.

However, if your image is separated and you wish to have it removed, you may contact the organizer at contact@dotconferences.com.