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New Call For Papers for all our conferences

Feb. 2, 2017

Since our first event in 2012, we have received hundreds of talk proposals by email, despite publicly explaining that we used an invite-only process. As a result, we have been able to accept less than 2% of those proposals, most of them from speakers that were already on our radar. For the rest, we rarely found time to answer at all.

dotGo 2016 live sketching

Oct. 13, 2016

We’ve asked Florine Pigny to live sketch dotGo 2016. You can now relive dotGo 2016 with her wonderful 29 drawings. Everything is covered: speakers, partners, venue, insights, attendees and the dotConferences team!

Speak at dotGo 2016

Aug. 31, 2016

We’ve just opened the dotGo 2016 Lightning Talks applications. If you want to have a chance to give a short talk in front of the dotGo audience, you should apply now!